Let Us Behold

I am working in collaboration with fellow artists, writers, and local San Franciscans to spark conversion and action for our homeless crisis. It was an honor to compose an original song (listen here) to ignite spirits and tell the story.

Music and production by Vivek Maddala, mastered by Dan Blessinger.

UNDERCOVER is a humanitarian art action to alert, provoke, provide, and rally to end the crisis of homelessness in San Francisco.

UNDERCOVER will create and distribute beautiful handmade blankets to people who are sleeping on streets. Pockets on the blanket hold a book, a sandwich, socks, and a song.
UNDERCOVER will provide a poem, protection and call to action.
We will start with a blanket, not to cover-up homelessness but to dream of a better place to clean, nourish, heal and hope and sleep in dignity.

Neglect is more expensive than solutions.

UNDERCOVER a citywide collaboration, will rally San Francisco to demonstrate ingenuity, innovation and integrity.

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