Music Video with Pete Lee

I was so pleased when I approached Pete Lee about making a music video, and he agreed. His work is imaginative, alluring, and beautifully edited. I originally wrote the song “Extranjero” about the struggle of migrant workers (particularly in agriculture) and the drive to create a new life for themselves and their families. The desire to hold onto what is left behind, and the hope of a new life of opportunity. Pete heard the pulse and envisioned a chase scene… I let him run away with his story, and we gathered a crew for a rainy weekend of shooting. Dolly tracks, heavy gear, schlepping, dashing through the woods, and lots of good laughs, food, and support. A true collaboration with creative costume design and setting the tone for all actors involved. I appreciate Pete’s approach of leaving the viewer curious about the time period and the evolution of the character (moi).

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